• Exercise TypeDance & Strength
  • Class Duration60 minutes
  • Fitness LevelAll abilities welcome

High Heels (Strip-Plastic) is a new style of dance which includes Modern choreography on High Heels!

The Strip has flirting! But never passes the verge of decency! The movements in this dance has erotism, but they are not vulgar!
The secret to seduce without undressing. Strip-Plastic is a new direction in modern choreography that combines energy and grace using your irresistible craving for dancing and your inner sexuality and sensuality.

What you need to know?

Dancing Strip-Plastic, you can develope coordination, flexibility, musicality. The main task of these classes is to get a charge of good mood and self-confidence.

# What to wear?

  • Heels.
  • Knee protection.
  • To practice this style, you can use any clothes that are free for movement, in which you will feel confidence.

# Pro tips

Since Strip-Plastic does not involve intense physical exertion, it has no contraindications. Unlike other areas of fitness, where there are pros and cons, benefit and harm, Strip-Plastic has no negative consequences and is not traumatic.


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