• Exercise TypeCardio
  • Class Duration60 minutes
  • Fitness LevelAll abilities welcome

Bungee Fitness is one of the latest fitness trends that are rocking the world these days.

Bungee Fitness is a unique way of exercising compared to traditional workouts. It is a revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation: it combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout and uses your body to push against the bungee cord.

What you need to know?

100% safety. The bungee cords fix your body in a required position and prevent the possible injuries. Bungee workout class is a high-intensity workout for your entire body which helps you to burn calories and also offer a huge amount of fun. Flying around while you are attached to the ceiling makes you feel completely weightless and carefree, hence releasing endorphins in your body resulting a happy and joyful attitude.

# What to wear

  • Is recommended to wear clothing that isn’t too loose and an extra layer around your hips and waist (Cicling shorts, over leggings or well fitting tracksuit bottoms are popular choices)
  • We can provide you an extra protecting shorts as well

# Pro tips

You are doing high-intensity exercises which activates the stored fat of your body and starts burning it, building muscles at the same time.



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