Bungee Fit

       Bungee Workout is a high-intensity workout for your entire body. It allows you to float weightlessly in space on a bungee cord, attached to your hips.
       What should you know about Bungee Workout?
       ● Bungee helps you to explore the three-dimensional workouts, that fully engage every ingle muscle of your body.
       ● It improves the stability of your core by challenging you to keep the balance throughout an entire lesson.
       ● Bungee is an intense workout, so it involves a strong cardio load, which increases the blood flow and improves the well-being of your body.
       ● It is the best way to burn fat. Since bouncing on the bungee cord opens up new levels of freedom to move, you are having fun without noticing how intensively your body works, which helps you to burn calories with fun.
       ● You can combine the tricks with the choreography and create a new-level dance routine.
       ● 100% safety. The bungee cords fix your body in a required position and prevent the possible injuries.
       Bungee Workout is a new age fitness experience, that consists out of the physical workout, improvement of the strength and flexibility of your muscles, intense fatburn and, most importantly, fun experience! With Bungee, you will get a chance to experience a new form of freedom.